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Brassica Glycerides: A Vegetable-Based Stabilizer for Your Products

A lot can go into developing vegan and cruelty-free skincare products. If you’re looking to formulate creams and lotions that cater to this market segment, then you need a vegetable-based stabilizer for your products. 

Today, we’ll be talking about brassica glycerides, a palm-free and plant-derived stabilizer that possess great potential for your skincare line. 

Understanding Stabilizers

Stabilizers are compounds that help maintain the function and activity of other ingredients in a formula. They ensure that actives, fragrances, and other additives retain their efficacy throughout the shelf life of your products.

These ingredients do this by maintaining the pH value of products. It avoids excessive acidity and alkalinity which is particularly important for creation stable emulsions like creams and lotions.

In addition, stabilizers also help keep an ideal consistency for your formulations. They help keep products from separating over time while also preventing unwanted color changes. Some stabilizers also help boost the efficacy of preservatives used in formulations.

Brassica Glycerides as a Vegetable-Based Stabilizer 

Brassica glycerides are a vegetable-based stabilizer derived from rapeseed oil. Also called rapeseed oil glycerides, it serves as an alternative to palm-based co-emulsifiers that are commonly used in formulating creams, lotions, and body butter.

It appears as cream-colored waxy flakes with a characteristic odor. It is not water-soluble. Brassica glycerides are added to the oil phase of emulsion formulas and heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to melt the flakes. 

It acts as an emulsifier, emollient, and a stabilizer in emulsions and anhydrous systems. It can also provide stability for formulas, adjust the viscosity pf products, and serve as a mattifying agent.

Brassica Glycerides in Skincare Products

It can be used in vegan skincare products such as facial creams, body butter, and lotions. It can also be used in shampoos and conditioners. Moreover, it is ideal for use in sun care products. Brassica glycerides can also be used for color cosmetics such as lipsticks, cream blush, lip balm, and foundation.


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