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Allantoin: The Key Ingredient for Dry Skin


Allantoin, also called aluminum dihydroxy allantoinate, is a compound that can be derived from several plants such as sugar beets, comfrey, chamomile, and wheat sprouts. It can also be extracted from uric acid.

It is considered an effective skin-soothing and skin-conditioning agent that also serves as a moisturizer and exfoliator. It hydrates, soothes itchiness, and heals injured skin. It can be used by people with dry, itchy, or rough skin. It can also be used regardless of your skin type, age, or skin condition.

What Does Allantoin for the Skin

Allantoin is a powerful compound that delivers various skin benefits. Primarily, it acts as an emollient that keeps your skin moisturized. It prevents dryness, patchiness, and irritation. It also has keratolytic properties which can increase the water content of the cells. This prevents trans-epidermal water loss. As a result, the skin remains plump, bouncy,  and youthful.

It also calms irritated skin because of its soothing properties. It forms complexes with irritant and sensitizing agents to ease troubled skin. In addition, it also promotes wound healing and is known for treating injured or inflamed skin.

This compound can also exfoliate the skin. It aids in the desquamation of the innermost membrane of the skin. This results in smoother and softer skin. Moreover, it also promotes cell proliferation which boosts skin radiance and improves skin dullness.

Furthermore, it can be an effective anti-aging ingredient. It facilitates collagen synthesis by stimulating fibroblasts. It also boosts the synthesis of the extracellular matrix which helps rejuvenate skin cells. This results in fresher and younger-looking skin.

Allantoin in Skin Care Products

Allantoin is mainly found in skin moisturizers especially those designed for dry and dehydrated skin. It nourishes parched skin and replenishes the skin’s moisture content to prevent dry patches. It can also be found in formulations designed for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, keratosis pilaris, and dermatitis

Naturally, allantoin can be found in night creams. It soothes the skin while providing moisturizing and skin-nourishing benefits while you rest.

It can also be used in scar gels to support wound-healing. It softens the texture of scars while also lightening any discoloration caused by skin injuries. When combined with ingredients such as provitamin B5, allantoin can smoothen and rebuild the skin on scar sites.

This compound can also be used in shaving gel as an anti-irritant. It prevents any physical damage caused by shaving and it works well in protecting sensitive skin.

You can also find skin serums containing allantoin. When combined with antioxidant ingredients, this compound can soothe ad calm aggravated skin resulting in clearer and smoother skin.

The Skin-Conditioning Benefits of Mallow Extract


Mallow extract is known for its ability to soften and condition the skin. It contains mucilage, polysaccharides, and tannins that help soothe and moisturize the skin. It is ideal for irritated and sensitive skin.

This botanical derivative is obtained from Malva sylvestris or the  Swiss Alpine Mallow plant. It has been used for hundreds of years to relieve burns and to heal insect bites. Studies have also shown that it can soothe dry and rough skin by acting as a natural emollient and skin conditioner.

Moreover, it is known to plump the skin, smooth out fine lines, and help rejuvenate dry skin. This makes it an excellent ingredient in anti-aging formulations. 

It is also notable in treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and atopic dermatitis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

What Does Mallow Extract Do for the Skin?

As a skin-conditioning agent, mallow extract has the ability to promote overall skin health. It reduces the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin such as dark spots, wrinkles, loose skin, premature aging, sunburn, and potentially cancer-causing DNA damage.

In 2013, a review of ointments containing mallow extract revealed that it may help relieve skin irritation. According to this study, mallow extract has compounds that stimulate cells in the body that have anti-inflammatory activity.

It also has antibacterial activities which makes it an effective ingredient in wound-healing formulations. According to an animal study conducted in 2015, mallow extract has the potential for the treatment of gram-positive infections. According to the researchers, the compounds in the mallow plant can potentially speed up the healing time of wounds and reduce inflammation. However, further research is needed to support this.

Mallow Extract in Skin Care Products

The anti-inflammatory properties of this extract make it a great choice for products that help with eczema or rosacea such as topical solutions and creams.

It is also commonly found in facial serums designed to improve the skin’s overall radiance and tone. Moreover, its moisturizing properties make it excellent for delivering moisture minus the greasiness. 

This ingredient can also be used in exfoliants to reduce possible aggravation that can be caused by scrubs. 

Mallow extract can also be added to eye cream formulations in conjunction with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides. When combined, these ingredients can quench dry and dehydrated skin and lessen the appearance of dull and tired skin.

The Skin Nourishing Benefits of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is one of the most widely-used plants for treating a wide variety of skin conditions. It is a succulent that grows abundantly in tropical climates. Its leaves contain a gel-like substance that is traditionally used in many homes to treat sunburns, cuts, and insect bites.

According to scientists, there are over 200 nutritional substances that can be found in aloe leaves. It includes proteolytic enzymes that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which helps heal damaged skin and firms up lax skin.

What Aloe Vera Juice Does for the Skin

Aloe Vera is touted for its ability to hydrate, exfoliate, nourish, clarify, and revitalize the skin. It possesses antioxidant benefits thanks to its vitamin A, C, and E content. In turn, this makes it excellent for repairing the skin and correcting the effects of environmental stressors such as UV radiation and pollution.

It can also help smoothen aging skin thanks to its ability to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This naturally-derived liquid also has healing properties which makes it ideal for skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Perhaps one of the most popular benefits of Aloe Vera juice for the skin is its moisturizing and emollient properties. It hydrates the skin and absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling greasy. This natural and oil-free moisturizer is perfect for acne-prone skin since it does not trigger the over-production of sebum.

Aloe Vera in Skin Care Products

Aloe vera juice can be found in various skincare products due to its ability to moisturize and soothe the skin. It is commonly used in skincare products designed for dry skin, on soothing creams and lotions, in sun care and after sun products, and in shampoos and conditioners for dry hair.

It can be used in products that heal sunburned skin thanks to its protective, hydrating, and restorative qualities. 

It can also be used as or as an ingredient in fast-absorbing moisturizers. It hydrates the skin without leaving a greasy residue. It also smoothens and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

Aloe vera juice can also be added to anti-microbial or balancing facial serums. It can soothe irritated skin and promote regeneration. This makes it an ideal ingredient in acne-healing formulations.

It can also be used to create face masks. As a hydrating face mask, it can promote the skin’s elasticity, smoothness, and firmness. It can also be used to create a soothing and cleansing ace mask that can hydrate and balance the skin’s oil production.

As an ingredient touted for its antioxidant properties, aloe vera juice can also be used in nourishing treatments meant for diminishing the visible signs of aging. It can be combined with a carrier oil and applied as a moisturizer to restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

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