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How to Build Your Skincare Brand on Instagram

The skincare industry and Instagram go hand in hand. In this blog, we’ll be talking about how you can create a devoted following in this social media platform. Let’s get started!

Have a Clear Branding

Instagram is a highly visual platform and lends itself well to getting your brand out there. It’s a great platform to showcase your logo, brand colors, and the overall design aesthetic your business has. Think of your feed as a vision board that reflects your brand.

Choose your images wisely as well. If your skincare brand is all about luxury, you wouldn’t want to post anything related to dogs or babies. Stick to the main story and message you want to tell about your brand.

Capitalize on Hashtags

Hashtags are important especially on Instagram since it’s the easiest way for people to stumble upon your brand. Research the best hashtags for your brand and optimize them. A crucial thing to remember about hashtags is scale. If you have a smaller following, your posts might get lost in a sea of other photos in a hashtag that contains millions of content. Start small with niche hashtags and build it up slowly.

Get Your Photos Right

Don’t just snap and upload photos haphazardly. Get your photos right with good lighting, good use of colors and elements, and interesting framing. Use the right subject matter and avoid advertisements.

Time Your Posts

As with any other social media platform, there are specific hours when your followers are active and would most likely see your posts. Test out different times of posting and see which hours have the best engagement for your posts.

Stick to Lifestyle Shots

Instagram is a great platform to showcase your products but there’s the right way to do it. Avoid using catalog-style images. Instead, show your products in a way that your users will find appealing. In-use shots and lifestyle shots work best. You can also post images of how your products are made.

Don’t Forget to Tell a Story

Instagram isn’t only a great way to visually present your skincare brand but it’s also an awesome platform to tell your story. You can micro-blog in the caption section by telling people about the photos you post. You can also tell people how your products can benefit them. You an even post inspirational messages if you want to so long as you connect with your audience.


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