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How to Create Skincare Packaging that Sells

Labels and packaging play a vital role in the success of your skin care business. You need an appealing visual presentation of your products that is not only memorable but is also easy to notice.

The truth is even if your product is the best in the market, uses the best ingredients, and can truly help your customers in solving their skin issues, you still need packaging that pops from the shelves.

Your customers need to first gravitate towards your products in a sea of competitors. Today, we’ll be talking about some useful tips when creating packaging for your private label skincare line. Let’s get started!

Understand Your Audience

You product packaging has to speak to your desired audience and customers. Everything from the color choices, font, and style of packaging has to be appealing to your target demographic. For example, anti-aging products could be designed in solid colors with a more premium feel. Meanwhile, products designed for a younger audience like teenagers can benefit from bolder color choices. 


Be Smart About Displaying Information

Apart from attracting customers, packaging also serves another purpose: to provide information about your products. It’s a good idea to follow the FDA’s cosmetic label guidelines such as:

  • Identity statement on the principal display panel that indicates the nature and use of the product.
  • Net quantity of contents.
  • Name and place of business
  • Distributor statement
  • Material facts
  • Warning and caution statements
  • Ingredients
  • Other indicators such as organic, vegan, cruelty-free, alcohol-free, or hypoallergenic


Tell Your Brand Story Through Artwork

Every brand has a vision and a unique story to tell and your product packaging has to reflect that if you want to truly connect with your customers. The keywords you use, color palette, symbols, and imagery should evoke the feeling of your brand.

For example, if your brand prides itself in being environmentally-friendly then your packaging should use recyclable or recycled materials.

Create an Experience for Your Customers

Your product’s packaging is a great way to give your customers a one of a kind experience they can only get from your brand. When people unbox your products, it should bring them excitement and thrill.

Create a visual experience that your customers won’t forget. You can also include thank you notes for an added personal touch.


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