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How to Soothe Irritated Sensitive Skin

Dealing with persistently red and sensitive skin isn’t always easy. Sensitive skin can react to a host of factors including weather, products, and even the hormones in your body. Typically, this results in light irritation, redness, or dryness. But in worse cases, you may experience rosacea, skin peeling, and inflammation.

If your cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead tend to be easily aggravated, then this post is for you. Today, we’ll be talking about how you can effectively soothe irritated and sensitive skin. Let’s get started!

Avoid Triggers

When you have sensitive skin, just about anything can cause flare-ups. To keep your skin calm, you need to pay attention to the food, beverages, products, and environmental factors that make your skin react.

Avoid these triggers, stick to an antioxidant-rich diet, and use skincare products designed for your skin type. Skip ingredients that can irritate your skin.

Use Soothing Mists

If you experience flare-ups, you might want to soothe your irritated skin with a water-based soothing mist. Look for formulations that have hydrating and irritating ingredients like lavender, cucumber, or calendula.

Spray on your skin after working out or when you’re in an extremely hot climate. Don’t forget to follow up with a light moisturizer to lock in moisture.

Use Products That Are Suitable for Sensitive Skin

When you have skin that’s easily irritated, you’d want to stick to products that have very few ingredients. Avoid products that contain fragrance or alcohol. Pick products that are non-comedogenic and instead have restorative qualities. 

Exfoliate Gently

Sensitive skin calls for gentle handling especially when it comes to exfoliation. Avoid products that contain harsh and gritty scrubs. Instead, opt for gentle acids that can peel away the top dead layer of skin without stripping natural oils.


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