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Yogurt Filtrate

Yogurt Filtrate

Origin: Produced through fermentation of skimmed milk by Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

Overview: Yogurt filtrate is an exfoliating ingredient derived from skimmed milk, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, and Streptococcus thermophilus. It contains skin-nourishing nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, fat, minerals, and vitamins. It has excellent moisturizing, smoothing, and skin conditioning properties.

Suggested Uses:

  • Anti-aging products
  • Moisturizers
  • Smoothing creams
  • Skin conditioning cleansers
  • Exfoliating creams
  • Toners

Ideal Concentration Level in Products: 0.5% to 5%

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