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Getting Started

The 3-Step Process to Create Your Cosmetic Skincare Business

Step 1

Choose from our stock formulas or have us create your own custom formula. We will walk you through this entire process.

Step 2

Our experts will assist you in creating your new logo and labels or you can use your current brand creative.

Step 3

Decide on the quantity of each product you would like to start with. Place your order. Start selling!


Contract Manufacturing, Custom Formulations, Wholesale & Private Label

Welcome to NutraSkin, the company with your Brand in mind. Customer service and satisfaction is our specialty and we take pride in ensuring you get exactly what you want with industry-leading lead times. We don’t just want to create your personal care products, we want to help you build your Brand.

NutraSkin is your One-Stop-Shop, simply give us a direction and we’ll give you a product line. We have the lowest minimum order requirements for custom skincare formulations. This allows you to start a new brand or add to your existing line without having to take large financial risks.

From Concept to Reality: At NutraSkin, we pride ourselves on not only manufacturing High Quality Cosmetics and Revolutionary Skincare Formulations, but also assisting our customers in building their Brand to the highest level. You can count on our friendly, responsive staff to help you along your journey!


NutraSkin is a certified, full-service contract skincare manufacturer based in the USA. Many of the companies you find online are actually just brokers or re-sellers, not true manufacturers. Eliminate the middle man and deal directly with us. You are welcome to come tour our facility in Norcross Georgia, just outside Atlanta. Your Brand is important, be sure you go straight to the source to get the highest quality for your skincare brand.


Get started with only 288 bottles of one of our stock formulas or create your own custom skincare formulation with an industry low 288 bottle minimum. NutraSkin will help you add to your existing brand or start a new one. Our warehouse is fully stocked with packaging, ingredients and products that are ready to go. NutraSkin will meet your needs, no matter how large or small.

What We Do?

Manufacturing – Private Label – Custom Formulation – Packaging

NutraSkin can produce virtually any cosmetic skincare product you could ask for. With expertise in skin care, body care, specialty hair care, OTC, and professional use formulations, we create cost effective, high quality, innovative products for the global beauty market.


Full Service Cosmetics and Skincare Manufacturing. Located in the USA.

Private Label

Brand our ready to go formulas. Just add your custom label.

Custom Formulation

We will help you create Your own custom skincare formulations.


Choose from an assortment of bottles, jars, lids and custom boxes.

Custom Formulation

We will help you create Your own custom skincare formulations.


Choose from an assortment of bottles, jars, lids and custom boxes.

Why Choose Us?

NutraSkin focuses on providing You the best support for Your Brand. Some of the services  we offer are:

Custom Formulation

Create the product that fits your brand best with your own custom skincare formulation. Start your custom formula with as little as 144 bottles.

Custom packaging

Choose from an assortment of bottles, lids, tubes, caps and box designs. We have everything you need when it come to skincare packaging for your brand.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is our specialty. We want to do more than just manufacture your custom skincare, we want to help you build your Brand.

Custom Formula Samples

Our unique sample program allows you to create samples of your custom formulation to test, try and perfect before purchasing 144 or more units.


Start with only 144 bottle minimum order of Custom Formula or Private Label. This also includes screen printed labels and custom box options.

Logistics and Shipping

No matter where you are in the world, we will manufacture cosmetics for you. Worldwide shipping is available.

Turn-Key Solutions

We offer everything you need from start to finish, large and small. Formulations, label design, packaging, screen printing and more!

Made In America

All our cosmetic skincare formulas are manufactured, bottled and printed in America at our facility located just outside of Atlanta in Norcross, Georgia.

Private Label Cosmetics

Start fast with private label. We have an array of stock formulas you can choose from. Simply add your logo, label and choose a custom box.

For more information call (800) 320-6891 or Contact Us for a Free Quote!